Zully’s Nail Salon

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1. Critical: Professionalism, Value
Dishonest and shabby work. Brought my 9 year old daughter in today on her birthday for a full acrylic set with gel color. The technician used colored acrylic instead, which is not what was requested. My child also has cuts on her cuticles

2. Been going to Zully’s for two years now. Booking appointments can be hard because they are so popular but I am never disappointed in the service. Itzel and Zully are both amazing I’m glad I found them through work friends years ago.

3. I have been going to zullys for 4 years and the quality of work has changed for sure! It makes me sad because my sets used to last for at least a month before needing a fill-in without any lifts or breaks. My fill-ins last about 3 days now

4. Hands down the best place I’ve gotten my nails done at. The work and customer service is great, and they actually care about the methods they use to apply and especially remove acrylic. Love it

5. They had the besttttttttt girl on eyebrows few months ago, I literally went to zullts just for my eyebrows but now the lady who did them messed my eyebrows up so baddddd she did horrible. I’m made the owner allowed her to even do mine .

6. When I tell you all Zully is the truth…


7. Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value
I got my nails on about three weeks ago and they are still holding on strong! I got my nails done my Jesse I believe she made great conversation and made me feel at home. I am definitely going back all though the receptionists needs to work on her customer service some, but other than that everything was great love this place!

8. Critical: Quality, Value
I went in for a full set and they told me the wait time was only going to be 30 minutes I said okay that’s fine right no 30 minutes turned into 3 hours and not only that the lady who did my nails rushed and couldn’t even do the design/shape

9. Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Value
They was good before but I can honestly say they have fell off. I’ve never really had issues but these past few times my nails have been chunky the work and nail art is messy. I even asked for it to be redone and I still got chunky nails

10. Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality
Very very unprofessional! This isn’t my first bad experience at this establishment. I’ve been here 3 times now not one positive experience. 1st time my tips weren’t straight so some of my nails were slanted . 2nd time they put me with a