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1. Took my almost 1 year old to get his hair fixed as a family member cut it without knowing what they were doing. My little guy looks much more normal. The barber was willing to cut his hair while he was sitting on my lap. They have eight

2. This is awful I’m going to cry I asked for a high fade and half an inch off the top and now I look like a teletubby. There is a reason this is right next to a military base and it’s because they can’t cut any hair longer than an inch. Low low low quality haircuts barber was cutting like she wanted to leave and went way to high.
Service: Haircut

3. My husband has been going here for over 30 years.. right by the base, good barbers for all styles

4. Mediocre at best, seems like the barbers just ignore your request and give you whatever haircut they feel like giving.
Service: Haircut

5. Page is the best and she knows it and it’s awesome. Great service, great atmosphere, great prices, great people, and great haircuts.

6. They butchered my friends hair and left cuts on my son’s forehead and never quite finish his beard they did fine with me

7. Always a great place! Been going for over 30 years

8. Very short waiting line eight barbers that know how to cut hair friendly happy environment would recommend it especially for small kids military All above tell you the truth you’ll enjoy it try it

9. Great hair cuts at a decent price

10. Been coming here over 15 years, good military-style haircuts for $10. Weekends can be busy, best time to go is Monday through Thursday anywhere from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., you’re in and out the door in less than 20 minutes. I love this place I will continue to come here until they close or I die, whichever comes first.