Wild Country Saloon & Nightlife

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1. I’ve been going here since 1987 (abouts) when it was called Chiefs. Tonight I come in to meet 4 or 5 friends after work. I was first to arrive. The bartender (bar manager too) greated me and asked if I left my vape juice there from my

2. Good times and friendly people, I had a great time and the Band “Rocked the House “!!

3. Just moved here from Florida.
I love it here.Live music and dance floor.
Great service and friendly atmosphere.
Became a lifetime member.

4. I love this bar and grill and I love ❤️ the friends because they all make me feel like not only friends but they make me feel like family. Love all of you guys and gals.

5. Love this bar. Nice people. Friendly faces.

6. Depends on your vibe. How old you are And the things you like. The first thing I noticed when I walked in is that you are allowed to smoke inside. I don’t smoke and don’t appreciate going home reeking of it and having to throw clothes

7. We came to this restaurant for lunch. This restaurant was recommended to us by a friend. Well, it was a winning. The staff members welcomed us with a smile and we had an excellent feeling. The food was just great. We enjoyed every moment and we shall absolutely come back again. Keep it up.

8. It looks small on the outside, but it is rather roomy on the inside. This bar is getting 5 stars. My friends and husband love this place. We have a wonderful time Everytime we have been. The drinks are not expensive they play rock, country,

9. Had so much fun with my friends here, they have live bands and a dance floor which I love.

10. Great place to go and shoot pool with your friends they have a great selection of adult beverages and offer non alcoholic beverages too. They have a kitchen that and decent menu. Damn good steak there but it is a private club so you will