Western Fried Chicken London

Recent Comments on Western Fried Chicken London

1:This place has lost the hype over the years quality lacking. fresh as always but lacking that inner taste deffo needs rejuvenating in there it’s kept it’s hype for freshness hence the ques.

2:I’ve always come here as it was the best chicken shop, I’m a regular but the service has really gone down hill. I ordered on uber eats few days ago and am still disappointed at what they sent me since I complained to uber but nothing happened. How dare this even be sent out to me, I was hungry and also paid priority which I think is just a lie since the delivery was still abit slow How would you feel to spend nearly £30 on food that’s contaminated with human hair and the fries that’s was stale or refried as they were crispy..they were chewy

3:I was overcharged for food when the price was different to the menu on the screen. When challenged the staff they replied that the price has changed on they till. I visit western fried chicken nearly every day.

4:Overrated chicken shop don’t know what the hype is here. Overpriced food low quality food. Staff are weird. Place has fully fell off. Southern fried chicken all the way.

5:The best fried chicken ever! Always fresh and hot chicken wings are served! As a tourist been in several countries can assure you that this place worth to buy food! Better than those chain fast foods!