West End Barber Shop

Recent Comments West End Barber Shop:
  1. Adela cuts hair good. She is the fastest one there! Good service, she cuts my sons and husband’s hair and just recently we took our 1 year old grandson, he didn’t cry or flinch one bit. We were in and out fast! It was a good experience for him and his hair came out perfect 
  2. They closed 1 and a half hours early. I drove by saw that there was no line. Went and got cash then came back to a dark shop. Really let me down on my fiancĂ©e’s birthda
  3. Best BARBER SHOP in Alhambra. Martha was fantastic and had her work cut out in cutting this hair. She has extensive hair knowledge and is a great resource if u have questions
  4. The lady who works here is very nice and efficient. Her husband was also a great barber. Sadly the lady who owns the place, her husband passed away. I go here because of the ties it has to my past.
  5. It was quick and professional. Good service and even better hair cut. And didn’t charge me as much as other barbershops. I recommend this place