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1. I got my lip pierced 2 years ago by the apprentice and unfortunately they put in a piece of jewelry that was too short. I became concerned after a few weeks because the swelling did not go down and it felt like my lip was wrapping around

2. I thought this place was great, nice service. I got a piercing done (bellybutton) and the she was super nice and comforting. It took about 3 minutes to do the actual procedure and it looks amazing. I’m on day two and it’s looking good. Fair prices too.

3. If I could give this business zero stars I would. Refusing service to people wearing a mask is ridiculous and honestly sad. Rejecting people’s money for any reason when they are there peacefully is just bad business. Jokes on the business owner who quite frankly is extremely arrogant and rude.

4. Thought the no mask signs were a joke, got told no masks and walked out in astonishment. I only know one other reviewer and its the person i walked in with. Nobody is out to get you, your policies are just terrible.

5. I just went into Wasteland Shop in Torrington and their door said no masks allowed. I currently wear one due to being 6 months pregnant. I proceeded to go in and the guy behind the counter was rude and said no masks allowed, take it off! I

6. Owner is packing 8 inches+, I’m talking gigantic. 100% Recommend to anyone in town or new to town. Hot model workers and trust me any slander on this place is either a lie or a heavy exaggeration without full context. If you’re an alpha this is the shop for you.

7. The guy kicked out someone who is immune-compromised while I was shopping there and was very rude to them. I don’t care if you don’t want to wear it, but you shouldn’t discriminate against people who want to. It’s a personal choice. I

8. Got my industrial pierced here 2 yrs ago and didn’t ever have an issues with it. They happily changed the jewelry for me even when I brought in my own. Cant wait to go get my septum pierced by them Wednesday

9. I love this place. Always a great experience when I go in. Gotten many piercings there as well and I will not go anywhere else.

10. Great shop that’s been around for decades. Owner/employees are very personable and willing to help out.