Walthamstow Market

Recent Comments on Walthamstow Market

1:Nice to see a part of London that still has an outdoor market – with stalls ranging from fruit and veg, to clothes and handbags to perfumes…etc. It’s a lively part of London. Walking through it, you can run into “characters”, whilst also feeling relatively safe. You feel a sense of community where a lot of the regulars clearly come and visit and take their business there. The market runs along the high street, so there are also well established high street shops alongside it, should you need something more (jewellers, butchers, ethnic foods…etc).

2:My favourite local market in Walthamstow. Although I have relocated to Peterborough, I still pay occasional visits to do some shopping. Comfortable parking space in the Shopping mall.

3:Be honestly I do not understand the existence of this one. You go for a walk and you can easily see that all the stall that offer street food have a price more than a restaurant with take a way, when usually the street food should be affordable and easy to go. However wishing good luck to them I just prefer something else. (Not included the Farm Market with organic products)

4:Very good market u can find any Asian product.

5:Hate to say that this market is practically finished!.. I remember the days when it was vibrant and good quality. Now just a lot of tat. Cheap clothing mostly from India or China. The shops are better and lots of coffee shops and fast food places to have a munch. Great little stalls with real silver jewelry and stones, crystals etc.. Rare good clothing stalls, but OK for the overall ambience. Walthamstow market definitely reflects the diversity of races. But 2 stars cos I know the market itself has gone downhill drastically in the last 25 years.