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1. Don’t get me wrong, the nails are amazing looking, and they have the best pedicures. But the customer service is upsetting, and it’s like they are constantly in a rush and are more worried about getting more clients in a day, then taking

2. I am so unbelievably upset! I asked for an SNS manicure today and this is what was completed on my nails. The gentleman who painted my nails barely put any powder on, and the color is basically translucent. You can see the entire outline of

3. This was the worst experience I’ve had at a nail salon. This is actually my second visit. I went previously to get the dip powder and was not satisfied. All the nails were a different shape and he charged me five dollars extra for long

4. Took my nieces and myself to this place because our normal place had an 3 hour wait. We both got a full set with regular polish and I got my eyebrows waxed. The moment the lady did my nails she was very rude. Every time she would go to

5. Positive: Professionalism
Stunning new set done! Worker was friendly and was caring and gentle with my injured right wrist. (Injured via day before I went). 💙

6. Fast and very clean.Alot of seats and they offer a complimrntsry drink. Friendly service and lots of colors and nails choices.

7. Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Value
They were extremely rude. The man at the front desk was was telling my friend to go to the pedicure station and as she was walking he proceeded to yell at her as she was walking over to the station. He wouldn’t listen as I was telling him I

8. I paid $37 for my daughter and I to get pedicures. We were asked if we wanted callous treatment without being told it was an additional $7 each. More time was spent rubbing lotion on my legs than actually working on my toes. My daughter and

9. They are fast compared to other salons. They have many color options. HOWEVER…EVERY SINGLE TIME I’ve chosen to go there, whether it’s for a fill in or just a polish change, the gel polish is peeling off within 2 days. Each time, I’ve gone

10. I got white tips put on & the lady cut my fingers. She even tried to argue with me because I wanted regular top coat & not gel. Wth??? Completely slacked and was just lazy.. my nails look like trash & 6 days later they’re lifting. & she