Valle Real Tortilla Factory

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1. The food is good I’m not gonna lie…but they aren’t very consistent…sometimes it tastes old…the tortillas are good tho…I haven’t been there in a year…so I’m not gonna say anything about it now…that’s just from my past experience

2. We travel all the way from Midland to have the best burritos in Texas! Everything they make is authentic & delicious! The owner is the nicest man with amazing customer service.I highly recommended it. I promise you wont regret it.

3. The burritos are really good but they finish fast. The tortillas are always fresh and delicious

4. We travel from Austin, Tx to see family in Socorro, Tx and this place is ALWAYS our first stop in and our last stop out! LOVE their burritos and tamales…craving some now!! Best chile colorado burrito by far and I am an extremely picky eater.

5. Hi I love your service because you beautiful works do a beautiful job in your tortilla place and good burritos are very good and your charones are good to God bless them for keeping open for us and them thank you so much for your great food

6. My mom would be the type of lady to have home made tortillas every day. Due to her medical conditions she can no longer make home made tortillas. This is the only place in El Paso that she will buy the tortillas at. She says they taste

7. Chicharones are excellent!!! Delicious!! I barely got some rite now all gone. Open till 6pm Saturdays, sundays open till 2:30pm
Also got beans wit cheese all take out

8. The corn tortillas are really good especially when their freshly done and also they have this salsa, it’s so good!

9. I’ve been coming here for 10 years burritos are so delicious but they have been raising up the prices each time I go but I can’t stop coming . Chili Colorado burrito is sometimes too spicy I can’t handle

10. Went by at 6:30am to buy a burrito and theyre closed but they couldn’t either pick up the phone or tell me theyre close. Burritos take forever to be done.. No management supervision