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  1. DO NOT GO HERE!! Very messy work. The lady that did my nails didn’t file my nails right plus she never put cuticle oil when she finished my nails. Paid $55 for this ugly set. Plus she made me bleed on almost all my fingers. Torture.
  2. They were super nice and did a very good job I love how my nails came out and I would definitely go back 🙂
  3. The staff very unprofessional. You can tell she was rushing because her appointment was already there. I would off rather have them say they didn’t have time. Got my nails done yesterday and the gel was so thick it bubbled and has been popping through out the day. So Far 4 nails are completely ruined and peeling on the edges.
  4. Been coming here for years, its what you’d expect from this kind of business in terms of price and customer service. However in terms of service they are great! I have problem toes but as long as you tell them exactly what you want, they help relieve the pain and relax me everytime I come here.
  5. Rushed me because they were short handed( not my fault) didn’t cut my cuticle or shaved it down to a coffin shape like asked, I know your probably like why didn’t you say anything and frankly we talk about what I wanted so I shouldn’t have to remind someone to do their job moral of the story this shop is not for me.