The Shoppes

Recent Comments The Shoppes:

1. Unexpected visit to the Armory Gym. It was Clean and not too many people. Just the way I like it.
It was stated previously that the Gym didn’t have TV”s. That was a mistake.

2. Says “The Shoppes”, but this is Walmart. Store not stocked, produce is ugly and this walmart is more expensive than the one in Greenwood.

3. Great place for shopping because its one stop and you can do all your shopping here.

4. No one was at the changing station at to track down an employee an she said go to customer service desk ask for someone to come over there. She wouldn’t even call anyone, so I did an they said they send someone over there. We waited in that

5. Love the selection of used books. Staff is already always very friendly

6. You ain’t got to follow me don’t bother me seem better that way

7. Great place to go specially if you’re not sure what you might want. Everything I’ve wanted if I wasn’t sure where to get it I would find it at Walmart. Best way now for me I just go online and order it. No crowds in my living room and no

8. You call it the shops. It is a dollar tree. Clean new store, very organized

9. everything’s good but Walmart are too high and their products are cheap charged too high price you can’t never get nobody to wait on you got to go to the cell service check out all the cash registers in there and none of them nobody is ever at them check you out

10. The good was absolutely awful. Green beans , Mash Potatoes, Southern Fried Chicken no seasoning at all. Peach Cobbler had no sugar and was like eating a sour lemon. The waitress was awesome. I did leave a tip even though the food was horrible.