The Matador

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1. Solid barber top to bottom. Use The Cut app to lock in your favorite barber because weekend waits can be long. Always clean. Always good, kid safe conversation. Hands down the best barber in St. Albans/S. Charleston area.

2. The great barber shop to go to in the area. They have great barbers, I went in with my brother and we had simultaneous haircuts to the same specifications and we both turned out great! The atmosphere is super friendly as well and encourages

3. Great haircuts! They take their time with each customers which causes a small wait but well worth it. No rushing people through to get more volume of customers each cut seems important to them. I’ll never go anywhere else.

4. I’ll be going there from now on to get my haircut, it was clean, nice , and very professional, would highly recommend

5. Whoever rated them a 4 doesn’t know what they’re taking about. This is the greatest place to get your hair cut period. It’s the closest thing to an old time barbershop you’ll find around. I enjoy the whole experience! From the time you come

6. Positive: Professionalism, Quality
Called to set up appointment and said they could take me right then, showed up about 5 minutes later and wasn’t even in there 15 minutes. Very fast service, very friendly, and very helpful. Very very reasonable prices! 40 minutes from home, but definitely will be coming back!

7. This is a great place to get your hair cut. I loved coming here. But I honestly feel that it’s gotten way to big for its self. The wait is almost always an hour or longer. I feel they should start operating by appointment.

8. Steve Fleshman is a Very good barber. Takes his time

9. This is the kind of Barbershop I’ve been looking for for a long time. Number of different guys cutting hair, cutting jokes and making comments back and forth across the room. Even the patrons joined in. Very friendly, jovial atmosphere.

10. Steve is my go-to dude! He takes his time and gives you all the time and focus in the world. I have to drive 20 mins out of my way for a cut…. But it’s def worth it! This place is just like an old school barbershop!