The Best Kebab

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1:This place hits the spot between great quality doner and humongous portions for the same price as kebabs much smaller elsewhere. Staff are welcoming and friendly. Order the meat & chips you’ll receive a hefty parcel of goodness wrapped in fish and chips paper. It’s cash only and a takeaway only with no place to sit so keep both in mind when you go.


I have been their loyal customer for over 10 years and I never had issue until this half white hair guy served me. Their food is 10/10 but unfortunately because of this particular guy I will not be returning back. I had 2 wraps a portion of chips and a portion of nuggets with chips. Because I was 30p short I asked him not to include chips with nuggets. Upon paying him I asked him for 3 garlic dips, he looked at me with an angry face and said it will be 2£ extra imagine u have been going there for long years and in front of people u been put off. Cheek enough he owed me £1.50 back cos I got only nuggets and not chips still trying to mug me off for asking £2 for dips. Another thing I did not like was there hygiene specially in this unprecedented time. They don’t wear gloves and touch your food specially wraps and chips. They fold it with their bare hands and same hands they wipe it off with their apron disgusting. I’m sorry the best kebab how much I use to love ur food but customer service is 0/10…Not recommended at all

3:That Kebab is something else. I tried both lamb and chicken. But for me lamb is the best one. If u don’t eat too much don’t go for the large one. For me that’s too much. Regular is good for me. It is a must try restaurant. Highly recommended

4:A very busy place with people queuing outside, so had to give this place a go. Ordered the chicken shish for £7.5. I was not disappointed with the portion size kt was massive. The chicken was cooked well with good flavour. The chicken pieces were juicy with great charing from the grill. My order also consisted of two pita breads and a small salad. I have become accustomed to receiving amazing salad from Turkish takeaway / restaurant which goes really well with the meat, but unfortunately the salad from here was uneatable and very small. Overall food was good but I have tasted alot better.

5:The food is nice from this place and the staff are ok accept this one guy like in his 50s with white hair! He has an attitude that shows he doesn’t care and very rude towards his customers! It’s a shame the food is nice but he has to be the way he is . It’s such a put off and I won’t be returning back!