The Barber Shop

Recent Comments The Barber Shop:

1: We have been using this barber shop for years and all the staff are really friendly and helpful and best of all, have a decent conversation with you. They always apologise for keeping us waiting, never a problem for us. We definitely well recommend this to everyone. 5 stars

2: Been using this barbershop for over 25 years now and each cut has been great and to my satisfaction, they take their time and make you feel welcome from day one. Yes prices have creeped up slightly but that’s more to do with price hikes everywhere and the cost to stay afloat as a business. Just get there and enjoy your haircut

3: Great barbers with experienced, friendly staff. I’ve always been happy with the end result.

4: Being going to these guys for years; always do a fantastic job and very friendly! Was so happy when the re-opened after lockdown!

5: Fantastic experience. Very quick and professional cut.