Tattoo Phoenix (Dakim)

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1. Went to get a face tattoo and the artist did a good job, but the dakim and a client of his felt like it was okay to use the “N” word so I won’t becoming back. They didn’t use it towards me but in general.

2. Kim is like family I got almost all my tats by him. And he’s creative at making art pop.

3. Worst tattoo experience ever. I went there to get my 12th and 13th tattoo. I don’t know what ink brand they used but it made my skin develop bumps and the ink is already fading (hasn’t even been a month) on my hand tattoo he went too deep and healed horribly.

4. Amazing shading and great outlining. Love the atmosphere would go again

5. I got the “Ashley” piercing. Quick fast no pain an I’m in love! 😍

6. Got my nose pierced the other day, very crowded but I had no wait. The dude doing the piercing was kind of rude. Right after he pierced me, he walked away thought he was coming back. I look around the corner he’s off to piercing someone

7. He did an excellent job on my memorial tattoo for my bf that passed in January . . Will definitely go back for more ink

8. Critical: Quality
Me & my bestfriend went to get a tattoo & when we got there they were a little full but the people who worked there were just sitting around not doing anything & when they seen us they just continued to talk amongst them selfs. I just felt that was very rude & unprofessional. We took our business elsewhere.

9. I go to the laundry mat next door and every time I go there I have to ask the people in this tattoo parlor to move their vehicles because they freely let their customers park illegally in the handicap parking spot and handicap parking grid

10. Critical: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality
Ummmmm it’s sad when you gotta ask artist to clean the area bc he wasn’t gonna clean my skin before the tattoo just gonna drop the stencil and go to work definitely won’t be coming back and it definitely looks very unorganized