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1. Gone here off and on for years. Always had good service, but recently started using Mrs. Kim for my nails and toes and let me tell you she does not disappoint! She doesn’t mind you voicing your opinion or changing your mind mid set 😅 very

2. That was the shortest pedicure i’ve ever had no massage or anything and it was (deluxe). I asked for a french tip which is like the easiest thing to do and i have paint smeared up my fingernail and on another nail it’s going off the line.

3. Positive: Professionalism, Quality
Absolutely loved I’ve really been looking for a good nail place that can do designs an have been having a hard time I came here with a friend bc she said it was amazing so I tried it so glad I did I really was trying to test them the last

4. Critical: Quality
I really figured i should’ve went to another nail spot but I decided to go where the wait wasn’t as long, which was a big mistake. Me and my sister both left COMPLETELY unsatisfied today. I say your best bet is to go to nail spa and wait 7 hours before you come here and wait 10 minutes and hate your nails when you walk out.
Service: Acrylic nails

5. Never again my girlfriend got her nails and lashes done and they caked up so much glue on her lashes that it was pulling her eyes some much it made them blood shot red so we went back and they said that they use a special glue and weren’t

6. The woman who took care of me was very nice. Even though I could not understand her. I did not like when she was doing the pedicure she was hurting the area on the side of my big toe. She almost broke the skin. It is still red today. Also,

7. Critical: Punctuality
Walked In, only two customers in salon. Waited 30 minutes for someone to see me, 9 people walked in, and all went before me. I asked the man at the counter and he said “oh.. it’ll be another 30 minutes to an hour” totally unprofessional. Will not be coming back here.
Service: Facial treatments

8. My 2nd ever pedicure and the first one, not here, was a nightmare! This one was fabulous!!! She took care of my ugly feet and even treated my hotspots and corns and calluses! I will be back. Great job. Highly recommend to anyone…even guys with ugly feet like mine! Cindy is the greatest

9. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality, Value
I brought my daughter here today for a pedicure for her 4th birthday and I am so pleased with the service not only did they do great pedicures but they also gave my daughter ice cream and sang happy birthday to her while playing music on

10. Critical: Professionalism
Rude older woman who I have encountered once before and never wanted ever again!! Words cannot describe how she comes off. Very rough while doing my nails, polish is not smooth and you can see the lines from it running, she cut my skin