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1. Expect a long wait but just be patient because they don’t have that many nail techs. But I love this place. They’ve always done what I asked. I highly recommend Emily I believe is her name. She’s so sweet and takes her time to make sure your nails look the best they can.
Service: Acrylic nails

2. went to get my nails done and the owner was the one who did them. she did a fairly good job and it didn’t take long. i had gotten the dip powder and she had only dipped my nail at least twice, so afterwards, the nail itself was very super

3. Well unfortunately it’s not letting me post a photo but I did take one within minutes of leaving the salon.

4. Used to be my favorite place. Now I will never set foot in there again. There has been issues in the past where i have stopped going because they play favorites and allow some customers to make appointments on Saturdays but most cannot.

5. The pedicure was great but it looked like a 3 year old had done my nails. He really rushed through, didn’t care, didn’t do anything to my cuticles and did a horrible job leaving them crooked and uneven. I expected way better from a professional. Wasted $50 when I should have just done them myself.

6. Only got a pedicure and I have cuts around my toes and still have my old gel polish under the white tips I just got yesterday. Wasn’t pleased with the quality of work based off of spending over 50.00

7. I have always been pleased with TL Nail’s service until recently. I had gel polish put on my nails last Thursday (5 days ago), it looked great but started peeling up on the edges the next day. I went today to have it fixed. The manager Kim

8. I was given 3 different times to show up, and still had to wait. She rushed through my nails, half are crooked, didn’t clean the product off my skin at all, and used the nail drill to cut my cuticles. She cut too deep multiple times. And

9. I had a great experience for my first time. I really love how they use plastic bags to line the pedicure tubs. Raymond was very nice and gentle with my pedicure (I got the deluxe pedicure which I think is a wonderful value). He talked me

10. Megha does amazing work when doing eyebrows! She genuinely cares about her clients. I enjoy everyone there, as they are very customer oriented!