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1. 6 day old sew in by VICKIE! A NIGHTMARE! I Messaged her to let her know that she was wrong for this. Read her reply below!

2. Best Beauty Supply in Memphis. Over 1000 wigs on display!!! Best price in town. No gimmicks just simply super discount for all your beauty needs!!!

3. Oh yes I love my discount wig, they have everything I need from hair products to facial care ❤ 😍

4. I love this place it has everything in it .I also got my eyelashes done the service was great

5. First time shopping for a wig. The owner was so helpful that I am now the happy owner of a cute ombre wig. I will be back as the selection is from the door to the back of the store.

6. I sat outside in my car for 2 hours, waiting on them to call me so I can get my lashes done. So I got out my car to go back inside and they was getting ready to go. So when I walk inside and the lady said I had to come back tomorrow, and I

7. This place is OFF DA CHAIN! It has everything here. Nothing’s out of stock. Plus, Fannie, one of the stylists is Super Straight! She has my hair bussin’ right now!

8. Excellent customer service, variety of products and merchandise and an in-store salon staff that is very gifted, talented, and knowledgeable. Ms. Tasha and Mr. Kevin is so professional, friendly, and humorous. My overall experience was

9. When I entered I went straight to one of the floor people , told her what I was looking for them I ask for her help . 🆘 She proceed to take me to the area of what I was looking for was, she then disappeared. I tried my, husband trued ,I

10. I love this place their prices are good and they have so many good hair colors and styles. The employees ate very up lifting and I’m always laughing or smiling when I leave them. The aura of this place makes me so happy and I feel so