Strictly Braids

Recent Comments Strictly Braids:

1: Very unprofessional! Rude and the up-charged price is not worth it. They ask you to schedule with a $30 Zell for a reason. Never going back to her again.

2: Ninja is awesome. I really liked what she did to me. Best place for cornrows and braids!

3: Ninja is the best… I don’t mess with anyone else when it comes to getting braids

4: Ninja was so sweet! Her shop is clean and inviting and the retail options were off the hook! She answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable. Her hands work at lightning speed. Highly recommend you go in to shop or get your hair done! So happy I know about this gem. I have already started referring friends.

5: Ninja is quick, your not in there for hours. Most of all my dreads look fresh and she styles it really nice. I can even do them in between appointments.