Spanky’s Smoke Shop

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1. Went to this place on the 16th of November for the first time and bought this BEAUTIFUL bong. Pic day after purchase to now, not even a month later, 13th of December. After daily use and weekly cleaning for almost a month, this piece has

2. Huge shop! Superb customer service. Has just about everything you’ll ever need.

3. Smoke shops like this should not be selling CBD as their products are LOW GRADE. They sell Kratom also and tout the benefits without telling you it is toxic and addictive.

4. Premier smoke shop on the northwest side of the Phoenix metro area. Very large, clean shop with an extensive selection of all kinds of smoking accessories. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, great prices, open early and late, and unique finds

5. Always a pleasure to work with the staff here. This is a place where you can walk in and tell the person what you need and they’ll go to work right away to get you the best deal possible.

6. Spanky’s has the best products available at the best prices in town. Helpful and knowledgeable staff makes them, undoubtedly, the best place to shop for all your smoking needs!

7. This place is the best. Great selection of stuff. The prices are fair with friendly and knowledge staff. Chris and Travis both were great and help me select the best item for my needs. Highly recommend. I have several shops that are closer to my home, but it’s worth the extra 10 min drive to SPANKY’S ..

8. Huge selection of mods and e-juice. One of the largest smoke shops I’ve seen in the West Valley. Won’t be disappointed to visit.

9. This place has everything! Amazing selection, quality pieces, low prices, helpful people….will be back for sure.

10. I’ve been coming here for years and refuse to go anywhere else. Knowledgeable and friendly employees willing to make sure that you get exactly what you need.