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1. Critical: Professionalism
I asked for the first picture attached but a little shorter. The lady at Station 7 was watching a show the whole time, cut my cuticles (made me bleed), and wouldn’t even out my nails even when I asked her to. She evened out one nail but not

2. She didn’t take all the old polish off. I have naturally long nails all she did was snap them didn’t shape them & didn’t take off the cuticle. And they still charged me full price just to trim my natural nail and put polish on. $51.00
Will not go back.

3. This is the most racist nail salon in Easley, SC ! This place is down the street from job so it’s convenient to stop here and every time I stop to get my nails done it’s “YOU GO WAIT FOR A LONG TIME!” And what gets me is when they tell me

4. Critical: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
Wait time is unreal and others come in after you and are waited on. They need to be by appointment only or first come first serve. I waited for over a hour on my last visit and finally got up and left with no intention of ever returning. I

5. I went just to remove an old gel manicure on my natural nails. Treatment was rough and the technician dug into my natural nails with the electric buffer. Didn’t even both with a clear coat. It’s a “No” from me. Will not be coming back.
Service: Manicures

6. This was, without a doubt, the worst nail experience I’ve ever had. I asked for tips with dip powder and the result was vomit-worthy. The shape and sides are so sloppy. There’s a dip in my nails because she didn’t file them down enough and

7. Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Value
Not at all what I asked for. There is a picture of what I asked for. I asked if she could add a sunflower to my ring finger. She said yes and gave me some weird red flower. I asked for a natural looking nail and not even close to natural looking.
Services: Manicures, Acrylic nails

8. Critical: Professionalism
I’ve been coming here for almost three years and have always appreciated how they were efficient and friendly. I’ll never come back again after the experience I just had. Don’t ask me what service I need done and then proceed to yell at me

9. Best pedicure I’ve ever had in my life. I managed salons for 8 years in Michigan. I’ve had 100 pedicures if I’ve had 1. Lisa is the BEST. The other technicians are great as well because my 79 year old dad comes here too and gets their

10. Quick, efficient service. Friendly staff. Reasonably priced. Definitely will be back.
Service: Gel manicure