SM Spa Nail & Hair

Recent Comments SM Spa Nail & Hair:

1: My experience here has been up and down. Basically hit or miss. They like to rush when they start to get busy which ends leads to poor results. My first experuence was amazing. My nails lasted so long. This time around i think I have an infection and my nails are already off not even 2 weeks.

2: If there was 0 stars I would give them 0. Horrible service I went in for a fill and my nails ended up so terrible looking. Very thick uneven lengths and shapes plus she hurt me when she was doing them just horrible service and pricey will never go back again

3: I got a feel and nail replacement, polish was put on poorly looks like a child did it. Lady did me feet was very nice and did a good job .. don’t let the men do your nails. I was over charged for the job he did. If it wasn’t for my uncles funeral I would have took them off, they use to be good. I wouldn’t bring my dog here

4: They have a very poor quality shop and they are every unprofessional as we where getting our nails and feet done we saw two huge rats crawl from underneath the chairs the works did nothing about it the sat there and laughed there very dirty and unsanitary they still made us pay full price. We paid $200 and we left every unsatisfied

5: I went to get my eyebrows waxed and I woke up 2 days later to a full blown breakout in every area she waxed and I’m not allergic to wax. now I have to walk around looking like this 🥺