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1. Had my daughter’s nails done on Wednesday. Monday 5 days later 2 nails popped off and one chipped. We walked in on Tuesday, I showed them her nails. The girl that did them was not working so the guy said come back tomorrow. I said no I will

2. I called and asked if this place could do a manicure and a pedicure on two separate patrons at the same time. They initially said no then called me 60 seconds later and said yes. I was right outside the door and went directly inside. They

3. Critical: Value
Bella did my nails, very nice lady although she recommended a set of green with sort of a marble look with gold glitter looked nothing like the picture she recommended me I was truly disappointed and dissatisfied to have to pay for this set. Very awful will not be coming back.
Services: Pedicures, Manicures

4. Asked for French tip shortglitter nails! White tip rest glitter! He didn’t do the glitter. And I told him he was hurting me and he said no it’s a tickle. I told him no he was hurting me and to stop! He kept looking around and moving his

5. Critical: Quality, Value
Went in to get my nails done and a pedicure. My nails started lifting after two days, pedicure was the worst their quality of service has really gone down. They cut my foot during the pedicure when I told him to stop he put my foot in the

6. So I used to love this place it was my go to for pedicures with the hot rock treatment and how the technician took their time and gave a great massage. Unfortunately now I’ve gone 3 times since the pandemic and I’m utterly disappointed the

7. The stars are for BELLA, Mani & Petti, very careful and caring for my aged nails and cuticles. Small neighborhood shop.

8. Critical: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Value
Nail tools they used I feel were not clean. The person that did my toenails I feel had never done it before. He cut my toenails straight across without shaping them. They were not friendly and I will never go there again.
Service: Pedicures

9. I went in for acrylic removal and new set acrylic gels. The guy didn’t soak my nails or anything he clipped them short and just peeled them off. The new set he nicked my skin, there is air bubbles in the polish and lumpy, they weren’t cut straight he seemed like he was in a rush didn’t try to take his time. I was charged 50 dollars

10. Staff is not friendly, understaffed, my pedicure did not come out well at all, the “massage chair” didn’t work, they seated others before my child even though we were there first. We only came here because we heard they had the little kid