Seven Oaks Shopping Center

Recent Comments Seven Oaks Shopping Center:

1. Sensational in my eyes,along w niece who works w in the aft school program here in town.

2. We visited to purchase a curio we saw about 2 weeks ago at Big Lots. It wasn’t in stock so the manager suggested we come back or view inventory online to see if it’s back in stock. We took the advantage of the after Christmas sales where we purchased gift labels and wrapping paper.

3. I love shopping here. People are so friendly and welcoming. Always great finds everywhere.

4. I thought I had found a deal on Christmas items ,which sign read 90 percent off,but manager said that that didn’t include items in the sale cart ! Be a while before I go back.!!

5. The store was very neat. Services were excellent. But, I liked the set up of the store when they first opened.

6. Easy access – plenty of parking spaces – a diversity of stores represented

7. This one is really hard to review. I’ve heard that it has a couple good restaurants in it but I haven’t been to them. I do know the parking lot always seems to be dirty with random carts all over the place. There’s also been a robbery and

8. My family has been going to Zorba’s for years. The food is outstanding and the service is always great!!

9. Wonderful atmosphere. Reasonable prices. Excellent wait staff.
I recommend the chicken kabob, baked potato and Greek salad.
Baked potatoes are only served after 5 p.m. though.
This place is one of my favorite places to dine.

10. Great birthday for girlfriend .. Bartender was excellent. Prime Rib. Was perfect. We were able to sit at bar and eat. And socialize. Very refreshing to be able to relax umong pandemic in fluences…