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savoy cafe
savoy cafe

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1: Great little cafe, in Lodge avenue near the A13, ” Blow out breakfast” is exactly that, great portion sizes , nice coffees, can’t comment on the pudding and custard – too full, maybe be next time, good value, nice and clean. And parking at most times right outside.

2: Food was nice but rhe fact that they are displaying there prices then when you order they tell you that’s the old prices then add an extra £2 to each meal is disgusting. Cosumer law is that the price you advertise is the price you charge and the fact the girl on the counter was calling out to the cook how much things were and he just shouted a price out shows they are just charging what they want. Shame because the food was nice but I won’t be going back out of shear principle.

3: First time in this cafe. Very clean and very nice food. Reasonable priced. Cutlery really clean. Definitely recommend

4: Great cafe, good service. Food is blinding..

5: Excellent service. Down to earth owner and staff. Large portions. Child Friendly and orientated staff. Very clean dining area and kitchen. High level of clientele. Immediate outside parking and easily accessible. Suitable for Disabled Dining. Staff always happy to Assist where required…

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