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  1. Would be nice to be greeted upon arrival. Instead of ” Whatcha whan?” And after saying manicure for my son was.. ” Go washa Ya Han”. Be a little more Welcoming! 4 stars for cleanness! And the cute lil pedi chair!
  2. Will come back! I was here for a fill and pedicure and while I love the prices I’m curious if the acrylic will catch on my hair when it grows out a little since I think they painted on my cuticle. The pedicure was rough but I liked it. Ask for Lina
  3. Mary and Nana are the best!!! Amazing hand painted nail art!!! Such beautiful results everytime!
  4. They make acrylic nails super thin even after when I asked them to make it thicker and all* they don’t file the tips so they feel like a knife stabbing my boyfriend with these claws 
  5. Nana is the only one I will allow to do my nails 💅 she always does an excellent job !