Rosewood Crossing

Recent Comments Rosewood Crossing:

1. It’s a solid strip mall. It’s pretty easy to get in and out of. The lot is well kept and paved nicely. The spaces are sized appropriately and it’s easy to park. I’ve never had any issues with my car here. The shops here are nice and I frequent the PetSmart often. All in all, it’s a good shopping center.

2. Very large array of supplies for all kinds of crafts. I recommend going during Halloween! The decorations for sale are amazing 😍 things aren’t insanely expensive which is really nice

3. Just a bit of after Christmas returning and a bit of browsing at same time. Place was clean and folks very friendly and helpful. All in all pretty good experience today.

4. Went to Michael’s to buy latch back earring wires. Found them. I was very pleased. The store was very nice.

5. Most businesses here have great customer service

6. Great Christmas shopping today at Marshall’s! Christmas music and happy people. Excellent check out person.

7. Very very very friendly staff. 👏 Good sale.Excellent variety of items.

8. Clean place expensive! They don’t like fat people! But other than that friendly staff!

9. The employee’s are always so helpful.

10. I love the stores here. They are usually busy. The staff are nice in every store I went to. Small cakes is my personal favorite. I love to see the all the creative material in Michael’s. Kirkland has a very high end look and is perfect for decorating your home.