River Restaurant

Recent Comments on River Restaurant

1:Very tasty food,good wines,the place its gorgeous. So nice. But to much noise. If they will put the volume little bit down will be great. That’s why I’m giving just 3 stars. Otherwise,for the restaurant and food 5☆☆☆☆☆

2:Its nice to have a traditional place away from home where you can have fun. We’ve been there for a event organised by for Liviu Guta after so much lockdown rules.

3:Very nice atmosphere. I recommend it to everyone 🤗

4:When you drive towards the venue all dressed up, you kind of wonder if is the correct address, but because of the location, you have great benefits like ni neighbours and longer licence. Having said that, once inside I loved the settings, the space and the staff was lovely. A great atmosphere overall. We had a great night and the car parked just in front of the venue.

5:Best place in East of London to have fun, dance and get drunk