Recent Comments on Rakkas

1:Rakkas has been a favourite of mine for a long time, so when they teased us with concept images for their refurb I was a bit sceptical it won’t look anything like that. How wrong I was this lounge has been completely transformed from top to bottom that you would have to go back to my old review and see how it was then and how it is now. First things first we were greeted by a staff member who took us to the lounge at the back. Sat down scanned the QR code and decided to go with something simple so ordered frozen blueberry and frozen raspberry. Shisha arrived in around 5-7 minutes, which was very quick in an xquisitesmoke stick hookah. Flavour popped very nicely and the clouds were pretty thick. The seating was comfortable and the vibe was spot on, plenty of live entertainment on the night. Service was spot on we even had the manager come over and have a chat with us as well as all customers which is nice, I hope this high level of service continues. Lounge as mentioned before completely different you can tell they went all out and is defo quite bougie, there are screens in the middle so you can imagine fight night will be a vibe. Although on the bougie side I’m glad prices were decent premiums at £28 including chaos tobacco flavours with the standard pipe or if you are feeling even bougie go for the table top shisha with lights etc for £55. Overall very happy with my visit and will defo return again and recommend to you all.

2:Good food, good shisha and great customer service. You get table for 1hr 30 I believe or 2 which is not long. But it gives everyone a chance to go and catch up with friends which is fine. Just next to Haringey Green lane overground station and bus stops.

3:Went here last weekend, literally no vibe. Elevator music during the day, staff miserable as well as what seemed to be the owner putting Turkish league football on as it must be his favourite team. Shisha was good however asked for a coal change, 20mins later no change so we paid and left. Don’t be catfished by their instagram photos it’s a dusty shed.

4:The whole experience was ok, after ordering our food they made a mistake with one of the dishes, so my friend had to wait a little longer for theirs *awkward* The food quality was fairly standard but went cold very quick due to the indoor temp 🥶 Not to worry as due to the wait we were given some complimentary fruit dessert… nice, but a touch too sour. The insect theme table was interesting, but it became a tad bit annoying having to swat flies away from your face every 5 seconds while trying to eat, atleast you can burn calories throughout the meal to combat any weight gain, borderline genius in my opinion. The shisha was great, being on par with other lounges in the area. To end our time at Rakkas it was nice to have a suprise personal escort out of the premises, after we breached our table time limit. Will be recommending to all my opps.

5:Nice staff great food and shisha