Queen Chico Nail & Spa

Recent Comments Queen Chico Nail & Spa:
  1. The overall experience wasn’t that enjoyable. The pedicure was mediocre… the staff helping me wasn’t the friendliest… not my first choice of salons but if your desperate…they’re your guy👍🏼
  2. I love this place overall. I have been to other nail salons and unfortunately they had to ask me if their work was good enough. Queens never has to ask because they always do a thorough and gorgeous job
  3. They are amazing for waxing. I already have acrylic nails on. I went in for a simple nail polish, he files my nails so thin that this morning 1 broke off. I’ll continue getting my eyebrows done there but never again for nails. They couldn’t do any design, I settled with a dark purple color, even that he screwed up. I’m not happy
  4. I am not keen on the way they treat you but their products and their nails are beautiful and last more than 2 weeks. Good quality for the price.
  5. The staff is very nice and accommodating to our weird allergy to peppermint. Our nails look great