Pro Darling Nails

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1: My nail broke 2 days after I got them done. I had to wait over half an hour to get attended. Never coming back to this place. Also way too pricey for a simple set.

2: Was there at 8 pm owner said they were closed I never had a good experience here, some ladies are nice but the rest are extremely rude, just overall NEVER a relaxing time at this spa.

3: I LOVE the way they do my nails. The acrylic nails are very nice but not something for me. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get them, it just wasn’t comfortable for me. But any nails they have done are AMAZING!!

4: I’ve been coming here for years , and it’s a nice business they seem very accommodating and considerate of the customers requests ! Pedis are a good price ! As well as the work is so beautiful and they take pride in it

5: Long wait for me and my mom and my little sister. Very hot water and Very cold water for me. Though it is great.