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Chris did an okay job on my pedicure but a terrible job on my acrylic set. He did not shape them, didn’t clean up the cuticles or provide any sort of manicure care before applying the nails. The French tips came out very bad and sooo thick, he had another worker come and finish my nails because he couldn’t do the heart. The employees are nice but they just don’t do good work and do not clean their tools.

So this is my second time going here and I loved how Sam did my set last time. Sam is amazing!!
So I went in an got a pedicure this time, by Jennifer. I asked for pedicure with gel “$32”perfect pricing! But I got charged an extra $18 for a fill on my “2” big toes. And I asked her twice to please not make it look clunky and make it smooth. Worst part of this experience is that I wish she would have told me it was going to cost me $9 for filling a toe. ($18)
For $50 I could of just got a deluxe and got a massage and proper cleaning.

I got a full set and a pedi yesterday. Pedi came out good but the Man that did it was rough but he was nice. The full set is another story. I wanted an orange frenchie with flowers on the middle finger says she’ll try her best so I look for another pic very simple and she did horrible. After she was done she even said “it looks easy but it isn’t easy” The line aren’t filled in all the way there are bubbles and streak marks and she even got polish and acrylics on my hands! To take the cake I heard her tell me it was $70 for my full set and pedi she charged me $90 she even asked for a tip and I told her no. DO NOT GO HERE