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1. No consistency. No attention to detail.

Lately I’ve found the quality has truly decreased at Pretty Nails. Time and time

2. Critical: Quality, Value
Two days after getting these done, the matte top coat is coming off. The other picture is where they cut me but I have dry cuticles so that’s not a huge deal to me. But notice how shiny they are..the matte didn’t last at all and charged $10

3. I never share reviews on places but this place is awful, I went in to have 1 nail fixed, the lady yanked my hand around the entire time, burned me with the drill, I’m not sure what she put on my nail but it felt like my entire fingernail

4. Critical: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value
They were very disrespectful. And a female women got an attitude to us and told us were not allowed to come back. Another lady who was doing nails had dirty hand and it was not Perfeshional at all. If you want good nails, don’t go to this

5. DO NOT GO HERE! The employees do not care about their customers. They rushed my firends and I the whole time. They cut my friends cuticles with the drill piece and blamed her by saying she bites her nails. she tried to get her money back

6. Critical: Quality, Value
My sister and I had to fly in with no notice due to my dad passing and we needed gel nails for the funeral. So four of us went for a 5pm appointment. We wanted full gel sets and was told $45 for regular nail and $55 for gel ok no problem.

7. Critical: Professionalism
I had been here once before 2 years ago and received great service, so I was optimistic when my daughter made me an appointment for a pink and white fill-in. Everything went downhill from the time I walked in. The receptionist insisted I

8. The lady that did my nails here was VERY rude. She was rough and unsocial. She was the manager from what I could tell, although I’m not sure why. Her people skills were far less than appealing. Will not be returning. Needless to say she

9. My go-to nail salon. At this point it feels like home. I will tell you that I’ve noticed, the price differentiates between nail tech’s. The highest I’ve paid is $75 by someone I’d never even seen working in there before. The lowest I’ve

10. After a terrible service to 4 young girls who were overcharged on Friday, 1 of the young ladies left with bleeding nails. The nail tech was rough and unapologetic.