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1. This is my go-to place. When I normally visit, I am greeted and helped by a very friendly young lady. However, when I went in the other night to get juice I met Sal. I walked in expecting a standard trip, however we got chatting about how I

2. Very clean, easy to navigate, pretty good variety of just about all vape related gizmos mods and E liquid additives. I’d like to personally say the worker Megan is extremely sweet and helped make it easier for my family because they had to

3. Sal helped pick a new vape, excellent knowledge and support. The new vape I bought was not working properly and returned it with no problems to exchange. Will definitely be back.

4. 1/25/20- Excellent customer service! Purchased a new mod, same day had a very small issue with it. I came back for a quick troubleshoot and left happy and confident with my new purchase. Good customer service goes a long way. Thanks guys!

5. Premium is Usually my go to for vape products but a few days ago I came in and actually had to pay 6 bucks for the nicotine additive for the juice and paid over 98 dollars for 5 coils, a 120ml of juice and a mini bottle of juice. I’ve never

6. I just learned when I travelled to New York today that you can’t buy vape juice with nicotine in it but you can walk into a store and buy a pack of Marlboros that come with nicotine 🤔

7. A+ outfit!! Very helpful, price was right! I’ll be back👍

8. I know that this whole industry is new, so there isn’t much history to go off of. With that said, I have been buying vape products since they were readily available, mostly in New York City. Half of the time the people in the stores in NYC

9. So much more convenient than buying online and their prices are pretty good until you factor in their (free!) Rewards program. Then their prices are amazing. About an hour after buying something there I always get a text saying next time I

10. I have bought 3 vapor pipes from them and they only last a couple months it get very expensive. No Warranty after a month.