Prattville Food Outlet

Recent Comments Prattville Food Outlet :

1 : Great shopping experience. The new floor plan, wider isles and cleaners appearance make shopping here a lot better experience than previous years. The 5 for $17.99 is also a great incentive. If you haven’t already check out the new atmosphere.

2 : Prices were good on some things a little high on some don’t really care for the cost plus 10%

3 : If you grilling out planning to drink some beers with friends and need some real good pork shoulders or ribs or steaks this is the place to go

4 : One of the best stores for stuff you can’t find at Walmart & places like that. They’re very helpful, they have courtesy & respect for their customers. Wiley T

5 : I like getting Blue Bell ice cream and popsicles there and few other things. But it smells so bad when you first walk in. It’s an older building, no one’s fault