Peter’s Cafe London

Recent Comments on Peter’s Cafe London

1:Not a 5 star joint, but food and service is typical of the London caff. Great, popular, tasty and good size. Fair price and run by good people.

2:The lady at the counter is very warm, welcoming and friendly. The food was delicious and at a great price!! I will be returning again!!!

3:My experience at Peter’s Cafe was really good. The space is cozy (maybe too small for some people) and was really good to have a nice conversation with my friend. I had a full British breakfast which was really nice. The only thing I’d change is how cooked my omelette was. I prefer my omelettes well cooked but it was half cooked at Peter’s Cafe. Tbh, I think they would have cooked the omelette to my taste if I asked them to but I forgot to do so 🥲

4:Nice friendly service but breakfast was just OK, very very greasy egg and other bits fried on what I’m used to seeing things like a panini toasted on, don’t seem to have a proper grill. Over priced as well for the standard but hey, welcome to London right

5:Extremely half-hearted bad cooking and very very overpriced. Sandwich was dry, and the pasta was poorly-boiled cheap pasta with supermarket sauce poured from the bottle. And they charge £8 for that? Give me a break. When my friend mentioned that the sandwich was dry, the cashier actually blamed him for not putting sauce! Blaming the customer for your poor cooking – fancy that! Please just give this place a miss, it is ridiculous