Paiges Lane Barbers

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1: Could not sing their praises high enough. One of the best gentlemen’s hairdressers I’ve ever been to. They cut your hair just how you want it and not as a lot of barbers do when they cut your hair. how they think it should be cut!

2: Fantastic place. Warm, friendly staff, lovely atmosphere. Have been using Julia and Mark for many, many years for myself and my son. Highly recommend all the team

3: Very good hairdressers I go every 6 weeks with my husband to have our haircut very good prices very friendly and good staff would recommend them

4: Great team, friendly welcoming and good value. My family and I have been going there for years. Highly recommended.

5: My husband has been going here for 25 years and has had the same barber for all that time. So obviously very happy.