Old Fashion Barber Shop

Recent Comments Old Fashion Barber Shop:

1: Chris does the best cute he takes care in it and does a great job … He actually cares about doing a good job more than just focusing to be paid. Skills does the talking so you gladly want to pay and tip that’s how barbering should be. Separated chairmen from the masters. Good shop

2: It was appointment only, I was told it would be like a 2hr wait. i said “ok i will wait.” No more then 15 mins dis they call me up. They always take care of me. i wish i coud give more stars.

3: I had a great hair cut…best hair cut I’ve had in a long time!! Didn’t get the guys name who cut my hair, but tall and thin, he does a great job..thanks for the haircut!! Chef Drew

4: Great job.. Got me in quick and hooked up my hair with a nice fade.. All the barber’s do a good job.. And they have NFL redzone sundays for all you football fans..

5: Chris is my go to barber there, I can send either one of my 4 boys in alone and they always come out with a fresh cut and I can’t complain, thats something hard to find now days.