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  1. I normally love going to them but this last Saturday when I went they were busy and the guy that did my nails seemed to be in a rush and when I told him he missed some spots he put on his glasses and said no it’s fine. I’m so disappointed. I now have to fix my nails that I paid for myself. Hope they talk to there employees.
  2. Peter took great care of me. It had been over a year since I have had a manI and pedi but it was much needed. I’m very happy with there customer service at rhe salon and their beautiful work. Thank you I will be back for sure.
  3. I unfortunately did not get the name of the little Lady that provided me with my Gel Pedicure this morning, however. She was very friendly took extra care with my ingrowns, made sure my 5 minute massage was well over 5 minutes. I have tried other Salons and I always end up back at Oildale Nail for my Pedicures. 👍
  4. Took my nails off. Soak them off them they he proceeded to file them down all the way till they were so sensitive I could not stand touching or grabbing anything. It hurt so bad. Ruined my nail beds
  5. Much enjoyable customer service, great prices, nice pedicures and nice lasting nail services. Open til 7pm. I rather enjoy this place enough to make trip across town to come.