Norwalk Tattoo Studio

Recent Comments Norwalk Tattoo Studio:

1: A place a boy can become a man. Sorry no kids. but if the kids could come they would meet the best family in Norwalk. The owner loves the community, and is from the community. If you want a tattoo come to Norwalk, because when you leave you will be Family.

2: Staff and artists were very professional. Constantly disinfecting all surfaces. Prices were very reasonable.

3: I came back for a touch up because the ink didn’t stay in some parts of my anchor. I guess Ariana didn’t feel like doing touch ups that day because she was very dry and told me that my skin was a little shiny and that those were cells that “would clog the machine” I now realize that can’t happen. Thanks 🙁 I’m never going back.

4: I have over 30 tats,all from the artists at Norwalk. I’ve been goin there since 91. Always helpful with making my tat decisions and always reasonably priced. Plus the tattoo artist Pineapple fondles my nether regions while tattooing me,which is always a plus.

5: Everyone is so chill and easy to get along with. I had my first real tat done by Ariana, and let me tell you..IT LOOKS SIICCKK! ! ! love everyone there love my tat, most definitely going back.