Newby’s Barber Shop

Recent Comments Newby’s Barber Shop:
  1. The Chick with tatts doesn’t kno how to cut kids hair as you see
  2. Excellent $14 hair cut and they do it fast and well. All hair types black, Latino and Caucasian hair.
  3. Wow, not sure if this guy was learning to just barely cut hair but he fkd my head up. I look like I put a bowl on my head and cut my hair really disappointed about my hair ilet my hair grown to the length I wanted for what, only to have some guy in glasses that didn’t know how to cut hair mess it up, definitely will not be goin back.
  4. I enjoy the fact that some of the barbers actually only use scissors and a single edge blade! I definitely recommend this place!
  5. Shay is my favorite stylist and I’ve been to any shop she has worked at in the past 4 years, she is the only person I let trim or style my hair.