New Style Turkish Barbers

Recent Comments New Style Turkish Barbers:

1: Quality barber, the guy closest to the window front wearing a waistcoat gave me a cut. Told him that my sisters wedding was due, provided me with a sleek fade and it did not disappoint! Received compliments on the cut thanks to this guy. Much appreciated and highly recommend!! A* service.

2: Sadly really bad wet shave. I see they normally get good reviews so maybe it was a bad day. Cut 5 times in one shave, I get a wet shave most weeks and this was not a good experience.

3: I tried many Portsmouth and Southsea barber shops over the years but these guys are the best. Always great service and a fine haircut.

4: After experiencing/using 12 different barber’s in Southsea area during 2021, I would highly recommend this barber for consistant quality and value for money. Great friendly service too.

5: Excellent service and skill at a really good price. Guy up the road charged thrice as much