Nawroz Restaurant

Recent Comments on Nawroz Restaurant

1:Amazing quality food and great service. Try the Adana, dolma and biryani. Can’t wait to return.

2:Possibly the Best Quality Meat across London with its welcoming team and cossy atmosphere. All food & baked bread is freshly prepared. Customers are treated as family yet served with highest standards and allowed space to enjoy their meal. Loved the beautiful staff there as well. I enjoyed my company which made the experience ten times better. Will be visiting again soon

3:I came here tonight with a friend, neither of us familiar with the cuisine. We were served by Ana, who made us feel at home from the moment we walked in. She made excellent recommendations for us (we are vegetarian) and she really made us feel at home. The food was INCREDIBLE. Freshly made (I could tell). I hope to make this a regular spot as the food will be hard to beat! Compliments to the chef, and the great staff here.

4:On weekends this lovely place serves unique Turkman/Kurdish Dolma which originally belongs Kirkuk city of Iraq. Must be tasted 🙂 Waitresses are so kind, service is good.

5:One of the best Kurdish restaurant. The food is delicious and the prices are reasonable and cheap. They have soups and salad and tea on the house and they serve them for free. Try the Kurdish kabab if you never had them. I think that’s their best item in the menu. Another good things is that they are giving the tips to the staff which is a very good sign.