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1. Critical: Professionalism
I used to go here every month, spent over $100 on a fill-in and pedicure and tip 18%-20% until the man that sits in the front and checks people in and out was rude and unprofessional to me. Long story short, I wasn’t sure about the shape I

2. Very relaxing setting. I just love my nail tech Don. I’m always satisfied with my nails.

3. Great place đź‘Ś. Christina is my nail tech and she is awesome im simple but here is some of her work.

4. The owner of this place is very rude when you tell him what you want he tries to change your mind he is never focused on what he is doing this place is just overall bad I got a pedicure with gel polish and by the time I got home the gel on my 2 big toes had come completely off I will never go here again

5. This is my absolute favorite nail salon the stuff are doing an excellent job increasing their precautions during this troubled time. It offers an array of services that they are quite competent & efficient at. This one of is my exhale

6. Poor experience, the older guy that did my nails had no idea what Coffin shape was and my nails was lumpy and I don’t even know the shape.
I kept telling him I don’t like the side nails and my nails length are uneven

7. I been going here for about a year. Last two times I got gel polish on my toes it was coming off in a few days. First time I didn’t even go back. Took the lost. Last time I went back in 3 days bc one of my toes had came completely off.

8. Great Pedi. Deluxe Pedi takes 40 minutes plus dry time (if not getting gel). Feel super pampered

9. Critical: Quality
I got a manicure. Told the nail tech I wanted an acrylic overlay with gel polish. She wouldn’t listen and said manicure. I said ok. Fine. She didn’t even give me that! She filed two nails and slapped the paint on. Oh, did I mention that

10. Critical: Professionalism, Quality
I went in to get my nails done and nail tech Regina that was sitting at number 5 started on my nails then she gets up and completely stops doing my nails because she felt 60 wasn’t enough to get my nails done so she didn’t want to do them.