Recent Comments on M&S CAFÉ :

1 : The M&S café is OK, the range of good on offer could be better really but the Outlook over the store is interesting. Staff are friendly as you would expect and it is generally busy. Sandwiches are available, soups and roll, hot beverages and limited cooked meals. Good if you need a quick bite to eat and want something basic and not too fussy.

2 : I don’t know why but apparently they don’t serve soup in open bowls. Just take away cups. Took the soup a long time to cool down for me to feed my little one. The chips weren’t fresh, probably made earlier in the day and reheated before serving. I’m disappointed. This isn’t like M&S.

3 : Big, comfortable seating area (though gets very busy at times). You can get coffee, cake, or even lunch here. There are a range of children’s options, including little pizzas as well as sandwiches.

4 : The mocha was wonderful. I always go there because cheaper than Costa. But it was needed doing up. The toilets, need spruce of paint !

5 : Can be busy. A reasonable range of cakes and snacks. In my opinion little choice of lunchtime food for vegetarians/ vegans. Friendly service and helpful staff.

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