Mountain Wookies

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1. I’m so addicted to their grab bags! I’ve gotten so much merchandise for such a great price! Lots of fun, exciting, cute, useful things. Great as a gift for yourself or someone else! I even bought a blue crystal one for my teenager. Their

2. No doubt the coolest headship in Southern Colorado. They have an enormous selection of smoking accessories. An incredible knife display and selection. Also, racks and racks of unique, funky clothes. The employees are great and the owners

3. Mountain Wookies yo! Dragons, fairies, statues, crystals, incense, shirts, skirts, scarves, foxtails,leather vests, gun holsters, jewelery, knives, billy clubs, stun guns, handmade carpets, tapestries, tiffany style lamps, dreamcatchers,

4. Beautiful pieces, lots of knives, hats, shirts, stunning sculptures of glass and stone. Definitely a place to stop and look even if you don’t buy anything. You will probably find something in your price range!!

5. Head shops are always cool. But this is a really good one. I have always enjoyed going in here. Looking for a unique gift? I guarantee you find it here. Prices are reasonable. They do have vape stuff although I dont generally shop here for vape supplies. Now, glass and blades are unmatched. Staff was friendly and very helpful.

6. It was my first time in there it’s amazing if your a rock collector they have some that are out of this world,you like statues they also have Indian artwork they also have for the more persons it is an amazing shot it has everything you can think of t-shirts sweatshirts pipes an amazing shop it’s a must see.

7. This is a good place to get quality glass at a reasonable price. Other shops in town charge a pretty penny for a small piece of glass but Mountain Wookies doesn’t break the bank. The variety of glass is pretty rad and they have about

8. I ❤️ my new wookie shirt and socks. Made myself a new bracelet. People are fabulous! Today was the best! So much to see. I can’t believe I’ve drove by and never stopped. Koolest! Grooviest place in the Universe! What the sticker says Utah! LMAO!

9. Awesome selection. I was amazed by the variety of glasswork they have at this place! Very friendly staff and a variety of gift items including hats, t-shirts, socks, crystals, the list goes on….not to mention some very cool artwork on the outside of the building!

10. The staff is always friendly, has answers to my questions, so many things to look at and alot of variety. Even the clothes are unique and diffently Wookies !!!!!!.