Recent Comments Monas Gents Hairdressers:

  1. Lovely man and the scissor work is fine, HOWEVER if you need a lot of machine work you are better served elsewhere and if you want a skin fade then don’t even try.
  2. very professional and clean. I also love the smell there for some reason
  3. The most respectful man ever. He is very kind, takes care of your hair, makes sure you feel comfortable and the haircut is great. I am 23 and I can say that he gives the best modern haircut. I definitely recommend it to anyone who want a nice haircut and I will definitely revist!
  4. Good, solid haircut. The chap listened to everything I wanted and, that was genuinely the nicest experience I’ve ever had at a barbers.
  5. Very warm, welcoming service at a good price (£10-15 I think depending on your needs). The gentleman who runs this place is both an able barber, and will talk you through your haircut to make sure you’re happy at every step. I highly recommend this place.