Momma Jean’s Restaurant-Florence

Recent Comments Momma Jean’s Restaurant-Florence:
  1. I love the food there they have a awesome staff. Everything was a good price. The French fries and Steak most definitely be back. Met a boy their named Dakota he was nice and they kept the place nice and clean. Be back for sure!
  2. I met this one Boy there when I was ordering my Food. I think his name was Dakota. He was amazing he was funny, nice to talk to. They have nice staff and nice food. Love the French fries and Steak. Most definitely be back again.
  3. Second best breakfast I’ve ever had!! First was my Mamaw’s! Amazing prices! Wonderful service! We are not locals but we will definitely come back here!
  4. Great local restaurant. Can’t beat the country-friend steak with white gravy plus vegetables. 5 star!
  5. Always good home cooked meals never disappointed super friendly staff