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1. I’m giving two stars because years ago I had a good experience here. Today was definitely a zero star day though. I called Friday to make sure covid hadn’t changed their piercing policy. That it was still walk in and I also wanted to know

2. I took my 14 year old daughter to get her nose pierced they were very professional fast and steady hands which meant less pain. Would highly recommend any of their services very professional staff a plus rating of my book five stars

3. The artist Araceli was very knowledgeable and professional. They take walk ins and the price is reasonable. The shop is very clean and organized. Would recommend. Overall Iā€™m very happy with my experience.
Services: Ear piercing, Piercings

4. They had great service. Two ladies helped me out and they were both the sweetest. I got my nose piercing done back in october and i havent had ANY problems with it.
Services: Piercings, Nose piercing

5. Had an appointment with an artist named Ana (bab3str on insta) canceled without notice. found out when i called the shop to let them know we were on our way. the lady who answered the phone was rude and unapologetic. refused to give us any

6. I think my eyebrow piercing was placed incorrectly. It goes through my eyebrow and is very close together. I haven’t done anything like pull or hurt my piercing but it still looks like this after a year of healing šŸ™ sad to say I’m

7. Great first time experience! Kimberly was super helpful, answered all questions and thoroughly went through after care. Me and my niece got piercings on the same day. She got her nose and septum for myself. Everything was clean and sterile,

8. The man was very kind and patient with me and was eager to help me find the right piercing of my liking, and the prices are great! Love the staff !

9. Very happy with my tat. Ran out of time so will be coming back to add the final touches. Glad I came here. @art_bysam Great artist. Check his artwork on instagram.

10. Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Quality, Value
I had been wanting to get my nose re-pierced for a while. Called in ahead and they said the piercer would be in so I rolled through. Couldn’t find a good spot to lock up my bike so started locking it up on the street when a couple of guys