Milly’s Beauty Salon

Recent Comments Milly’s Beauty Salon:
  1. Would definitely recommend this place. Their children’s hair cuts are $10! They did an awesome job with my son who used to be afraid of clippers and preferred scissors.
  2. Been coming here for ever but sometimes the wait is too long and some hair stylist don’t really put a lot of effort into their job. That’s why I always go to the same person everytime, plus their charge per hair cut is reasonable.
  3. The salon was conveniently located near my home, and I received special pricing when I used their services. Apart from the fact that they were available, you would never regret using their services because they were high-end and exceptional. Gratitude!
  4. I notice it is just women complaining about this place It’s not fair they do really good haircuts they do fairly quick they haven’t messed up my hair yet very happy. Very insecure ladies complaining
  5. We were waiting 15 minutes for a very simply men haircut. The girl was in a rush and basically she refused to do the haircut. Then we wait to another girl to do the haircut but never came. It really sucks because we didn’t know that the other girl was never going to appear until we ask.I do Not recommend this place.